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In Swahili Karibu means Welcome, and that is what you are now! Feel very welcome to karibu-design!
Karibu-design is a webpage containing free stuff that will help you to start building your own free website. But if you are a person that already have your own website, I´m sure we might help you too! We are currently offering many CSS-designs, including the "iceblue"-designs that are meant to fit with the Iceblue-design you maybe use if you are a HPBK user.

On this website you can browse among many great features, like our brand new and quite big graphics section. Here you can find graphics for your website, like banners, buttons, headers and stuff. I´m sure you find something interesting that might fit in your own design, or something you want to use as a start-point to build from, and maybe get some inspiration from. That's what it's all about. Feel free browsing around, and if you may get problem or just have a simple question.
Do not hesitate, ask!

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