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KaribuDesign updated!
Posted 050611, 14:56 pm, by Admin
  Karibu-design is now updated.
We now offers you more great graphics. But be patient, the section is still in a construction stage. In short period of time we will offer you Banners, Buttons, Headers, Icons and some really good surprises in big quantities. I am constantly working with this section, and I have decided to not release it in small amounts time after time, so you have to wait for a big release including everything! Great!

Why not take a look of what we offer right now? Check it out using the menu right under the header image at the top of this page. There you can have some buttons and banners and stuff. Enjoy!

New Register form!
Posted 01006711, 18:48 pm, by Admin
  Karibu-design is now updated.
Finally! After years with my old registration form, which looked kind of odd, and worked about the same. I have now made my new registration form using jotform. A really nice online-program,
which I hardly recommend you all to use! Meanwhile making that form I made a "Lost your password?" form too, because I suppose many of you already registed users might have lost it!
So do not hestiate to get it back! And don´t forget to register if you haven´t. A  new "world" opens.

Note: The members section is still under construction. The new members area includes a help-forum. And much more free stuff for all you webmasters to use on your site.

9 new iceblue designs out!
Posted 0302711, 13:20 pm, by Admin
  Karibu-design is now updated.
We now offer 9 professional iceblue designs for the Homepage Baukasten users. Of course are they completely free for all users to use. As you can see I offer "Yellow Vista" and "Blue Vista", but there will come out Vista-designs including all the ordinary colours on the pallet.

I'm currently working on 10 CSS profi designs too, which will become available in a couple of weeks, maybe days, lets see! Don't forget to visit our great section of graphics too!

New Forum Moderator: Karibu-design!
Posted 0800111, 11:45 am, by Admin
  Karibu-design is now officially Forum Moderator.
Since I got this wonderful privilege to be working with the English webme team on the English translated forum I will face it very serious. I will be there helping you whenever you need it or whatever you need help with. Do not hesitate just ask it.
If the problem is urgent, just send me a PM throughout my websites contact form or via own-free-website.

Do not forget to share your knowledge and thoughts, or ask for help in my upcoming members-forum.

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